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Search Engine Optimisation

Every little helpss

If your web site is hiding within Google's massive index and refusing to show itself, it will never work for you.

No matter whether you are trying to sell something or trying to make your voice heard, if your site does not respond to searchers attempts to find it, it will never deliver the goods.

What makes them work?

Over the last ten years or more we have spent countless hours seeking out how the search engines work with our web sites.

We are now able to examine almost any web site and assess why it does or does not show a friendly face to the popular search engines. We can dig it out from the dusty, forgotten corners of those huge databases, work a little magic on it and make Google smile.

Not made it in yet?

In the early days of the web, 'build it and they will come...' was the guideline many lived by.

There was an element of truth in the days when the web was small enough to count the number of sites out there. Today, it simply does not work. There are far too many domains out there to expect a web crawler to trip over yours by accident. They all need, and many expect, a little help.

Why not let Yoyodyne help your site make friends with Google?

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